Rebuild Britain's Manufacturing Industry


by Geoff Carter

High precision inspection probe

What kind of Britain do we want?

A combination of events is forcing us to confront that and related questions with a new urgency.

What kind of Post Covid and Post Brexit economy and society should emerge from the devastation of Covid. What opportunities are offered by freedom from the EU? Can we also confront the climate crisis?

Unprecedented times require unique and creative solutions. Now is the time to seize the moment and begin to plan for and build an economy and ian inddustrial base that work for the people of Britain.

We need an industrial strategy guided by those who know their industries and how to build them for the future.

The Lucas Plan

Over forty years ago, workers at Lucas Aerospace developed what came to be known as the Lucas Plan, a radical alternative to redundancies and the military products and the working methods of the company.

Faced with massive redundancies in 1976, shop stewards from all the Lucas plants consulted their members and produced an alternative plan which included over 150 designs for alternative products. Many of the designs were for socially useful products in contrast to the military emphasis of much of the Lucas output.

What can we learn today from the Lucas Plan? Read more here.