Welcome to Rebuild Britain

Launched May 1st 2021

Aims and Objectives of
Rebuild Britain.

Following years of campaigning against the European Union, trade unionists and socialists came together to ensure that the advantages of leaving the EU are now fully realised.

We will work in a non-sectarian manner to promote key policies ensuring our independence, democracy and sustainability as a modern nation living at peace with other countries.

Our agreed aims are:
Campaigning for a regrowth of key elements of British life, manufacturing, agriculture and fisheries and arts and culture, democracy, public ownership of key infrastructure. Focussing on those areas and issues not already backed by unions and groups.

To achieve this we will be:-

• Promoting making it, buying it and selling it in Britain.
• Promoting the unity of Wales, Scotland, England.
• Keeping wealth created in Britain, in Britain to reinvest in our infrastructure.
• Rebalancing the economy in favour of production.
• Promoting British arts and cultural industries.
• Promoting a sustainable future.
• Promoting British science and research.

Donate to Rebuild Britain

Campaigning to Rebuild Britain is a huge task and any contribution will be welcome. We accept donations from credit/debit cards or from your PayPal account. All donations are paid into the Rebuild Britain PayPal account.