General Election:
Protect the National Health Service

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June 12th 2024

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Two Key Campaign Issues

With Professor Allyson Pollock

Did you know that although we have a Secretary of State for Health, there is no statutory responsibility for health care? This was removed in 2012 and with it any form of democratic accountability.

Did you know currently NHS premises are used by private health providers to make profits at a time when the NHS is short of space.

Resolving these two issue is critical to any further campaigning needed to rebuild the National Health Service. Therefore, Rebuild Britain, together with the GFTU, wants all prospective MPs to sign up to two, simple cost-free pledges.

1 Reinstate the Secretary of State’s statutory duty to secure and provide health care to all.

2 End private health providers’ use of NHS premises.

Protect the NHS

While underfunding is a huge problem for the NHS, if politically and organisationally, it  remains outside democratic control and accountability, Parliament cannot protect it.

We are seeking to inform trade unionists and activists of the central importance of these issues to prepare for more effective campaigning.

To kick-start the campaign we invited Professor Allyson Pollock to lead a Webinar on March 27th. Allyson is a consultant in public health medicine and was the Director of the Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University. She is an academic who is known for her research into, and opposition to, part privatisation of the UK National Health Service (NHS) via the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and other mechanisms.

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Campaigning to Rebuild Britain and to protect the NHS is a huge task and any contribution will be welcome.

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Press Coverage of the Campaign

Local Press Coverage
Letter in Kilburn Times
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Guardian 04-06

Adapted from Letters to The Guardian 4th June 2024

Wes Streeting is right to be cautious – cutting waiting lists and reforming the NHS will take time, given the state of our public finances. But there is one thing he can do that wouldn’t cost any money yet would make a fundamental difference: restoring the statutory duty of the secretary of state to provide NHS services. That duty was removed by the coalition government’s Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Today, we have the curious situation in which the government funds the NHS, but the latter is not accountable to the former. In 2012, Andy Burnham, then shadow health secretary, vowed to repeal the act if Labour gained power. The party should do the same in 2024.

Fawzi Ibrahim
National officer, Rebuild Britain

Photo Guardian 04-06

From The Morning Star 25th June 2024